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Help the Children
"Thank you for checking out a way to help runaways & street
children"                                    "Right here in the USA"

My Name is Vaughn L. Mordenti and I have lived in and out, mostly in New Orleans for
many years. I have also been helping the children that are runaways & tapers on
Bourbon Street for many years. For those of you who don't know what tapers are, they
are the children that tap dance on the street corners for tips. They either come from
broken homes or they are runaways. Most of the children are between the ages of 6 to
15.  Many of the children I have helped over the years have graduated from high school
and now hold jobs here in the French Quarter.
This is what I do when I see the tapers on Bourbon Street. I go up to them and tell them
I will give them one dollar if they can answer a question. Such as, who is the President
of the United States, who is the Vise President or who is the Mayor of New Orleans.
You would be surprised how many have no idea who the Vise President or the Mayor is.
So I tell them to find out the answer and I will give them the dollar. They run and ask
people and come back and usual have some answer. Not always right, but when they are
I give them the dollar.  The next time I see them I ask them different questions and they
seem to get more excited about finding and learning the answers. I really need your
assistance to continue helping  the new children that seem to keep popping up.  I am
asking everyone for a special gift:  PLEASE help me raise money to continue what I do
and buy school supplies, cloths, food and many other things these children need. Most of
all, help me give some of these children HOPE.

Please consider giving and together we can help these children have a better life, here in
the USA.

Thank you so much,
Vaughn L. Mordenti
(acting chair)

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about all the ways we can help make life better for the children. You can help and make a difference in the
life of a child.  

For the people that would rather send a check:  
Please make check payable to Vaughn L. Mordenti and send to: 1908 Marango Street, New Orleans, LA

Your help is really needed. Every dollar can make a difference in a child's life.
If you can't give at this time, please pass this information and my e-mail address to all your friends.
Thank you again for your Help.
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